Elastix 5 PBX Express

A New Way to Try out Elastix 5 – Install in Minutes with PBX Express!

Been thinking about trying out Elastix 5? With our new PBX deployment wizard, there’s no excuse not to!

With PBX Express, you can try out the newest version of Elastix and have a fully configured PBX up and running in your own cloud account in no time at all. The wizard works by asking you a few essential questions to generate your basic configuration, and then fires up an instance in one of the supported cloud providers. You can then login to the management console to customize your PBX settings.

All you need is account with OVH, Amazon, Google or any Openstack VPS cloud provider. There’s no need for a dedicated server, additional hardware or special multi tenant setup procedures. Quickly set up your installations and deliver hassle-free managed hosting.

With each installation, you will be automatically assigned a free licence which includes 8 simultaneous calls, 5 web conferencing participants, unlimited extensions, softphone and smartphone clients and more. It’s a great deployment tool for small businesses that require a fully functioning PBX that can run in the cloud at a fraction of the cost of other solutions whilst still giving complete control.

Want to know more about the latest version of Elastix? Find out more here or try it out using PBX Express.