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Elastix 4 available

We are delighted to present the result of months of work and tests: Elastix 4.

This is the most recent version, that incorporates the latests available technologies. One of the most relevant features is to present a “WebRTC ready” product, which will allow the integration of VoIP in web platforms with ease, allowing to embed video and audio calls inside a web browser. Imagine making a call from the web site of your company!

Another great feature is that users will enjoy the newest open source codecs, like Opus and VP8, which will grant them an enhanced experience of communications with the best quality.

This new distro is based on CentOS 7, which will deliver support for even more hardware and will ensure a long term life and updates of the platform and its components.

The interface has been re-designed from scratch, incorporating the latest tendencies in web design: HTML, jQuery, vector graphics and responsive design. With this, Elastix will be easier to use in mobile devices and tablets.

A lot of other features have been added, which will be detailed in our official site’s ChangeLog.

This project was made possible thanks to the participation of our community, which supported the CrowdFunding campaign that allowed us to start this project that will benefit VoIP engineers and OpenSource enthusiasts worldwide. (Related news: First goal of the year achieved – Migrating Elastix to CentOS 7)

We are proud to keep our promise and deliver an enterprise solution of unified communications completely open source.

Today the base distro of Elastix 4 will be launched. Updates via YUM and addons will be enabled on Monday, February 29 according to our launching schedule.

Thanks again to all our Community.

Edgar Landivar

By |February 11th, 2016|Comments Off on Elastix 4 available

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