Connecting Zoho CRm with Elastix

Connect your Zoho CRM with Elastix

Now with the PRO edition it is possible to connect Zoho CRM with Elastix. This CRM integration takes places server side and there’s no need to make any command line level configuration.

Zoho CRM is an online solution tool whose popularity has been increasing over the last years and it’s part of a bigger productivity suite, ensuring ease of use and along with a phone system like Elastix it becomes an even more powerful tool, helping us to streamline communication with our customers.

By connecting Zoho CRM with Elastix, when a phone call comes, in the Web Client you will see the contact name and a link to the corresponding contact in the CRM. If you also want to make calls from Zoho CRM you can use the Click2Call feature.

Configuring Zoho CRM

First we need to enable the connection through the Zoho CRM API. Please note that due some API limitations, lookup on Leads and Accounts tables only works when the contact phone number is saved exactly as the caller ID number arrives to the PBX.

  1. Let’s log in to our Zoho CRM account and navigate to Settings > Setup > Extensions & APIs > API > CRM API.
  2. Click on the Settings icon and then on Authentication Token Generation.
  3. It’s required to name our application (for instance, PBX) in order to generate the Auth Token.
  4. Connect Zoho CRM with Elastix using this API

  5. Save this information as we’re going to need it later.
  6. Zoho CRM authentication token

Server Side Configuration

To connect Zoho CRM with our PBX we need to access the Management Console and enable the server side integration following the next steps:

  1. From the Management Console navigate to Settings > CRM Integration > Server Side tab.
  2. Click on Add and select Zoho CRM from the dropdown menu.
  3. Do you remember the information saved before? Enter it in the respective field as well as your Zoho account domain.
  4. Server side configuration Zoho CRM

And that’s it! You can start using your Zoho CRM along with your PBX.

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