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How to configure your Grandstream phone with Elastix

If you have made the decision to install Elastix and use it along with your Grandstream phones, we have great news for you! You can configure your Grandstream phones GXP16XX, GXP17XX and GXP21XX series in just a few minutes.

In order to teach you how to provision these phones we’ve prepared this step by step guide on how to provision via the Plug and Play method:

Grandstream GXP16XX, GXP17xx and GXP21XX series supported models:

  • GXP1610
  • GXP1615
  • GXP1620
  • GXP1625
  • GXP1628
  • GXP1630
  • GXP1760
  • GXP1760W
  • GXP1780
  • GXP1782
  • GXP2130
  • GXP2135
  • GXP2140
  • GXP2160
  • GXP2170
  • Step 1: Upgrade to the Required Firmware

    First of all, ensure that your phone or phones are running the required firmware. You can download the required firmware from here. To check which firmware the phones are running you can follow this guide: How to manually upgrade Grandstream IP Phones.

    Step 2: Factory Reset the Phone

    Before provisioning our IP phone, we need to send it back to its factory default settings to clear any residual settings of a previous configuration. To reset the phone:

    1. Press “Menu” on the phone.
    2. Press “Config” or “System”.
    3. Navigate down to “Factory Reset” option and press “Menu” or “OK” depending on the model.
    4. Selecting and confirming “OK” will restart your phone, which will after be successfully reset.

    Step 3: Provision the Phone via Plug’n’Play

    This method is recommended for phones on the local LAN or behind the 3CX SBC:

    1. Connect the phone to the network. A PnP request will be sent automatically.
    2. Go to the Management Console ⇒ “Phones” node. The new phone will be marked in Bold.
    3. Provisioning a Grandstream Phone with Elastix

    4. Click on the BOLD entry and choose between “Assign Ext” or “Add Ext”, depending on whether you want to assign the phone to an existing extension or create a new one.
    5. Configuring your Grandstream phone with Elastix

    6. All major provisioning settings are pre-populated. If your PBX has multiple network cards, select which network this IP Phone is connected to.
    7. Click “OK”. The phone will automatically configure and reboot to finalize the setup.

    And that’s it. If you want to know any possible limitation, need to use another provisioning method or extended phone configuration please visit the respective guide:

    By |July 9th, 2018|0 Comments

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