Call Center en Elastix 5

Call Center in Elastix 5

One of the basic pillars for excellent communication and customer service in your business is trough a good Contact Center.

The Unified Communications solutions in PRO edition of Elastix 5 includes a Call Center module that does almost everything. Callers are automatically identified and routed to the first available agent and linked to a customer record which pops-up on the screen and are logged as call records in the CRM package.

With this module, Call Center administrators would know calls flow and agents work being made in real time, improving response time due to change in volume of incoming traffic, guaranteeing level of service. They will also have reports such as average time, longer waiting time as well as less talk time, answered calls, abandoned calls, ensuring your Call Center is working perfectly all time.

Improve customer service with the Call Center in Elastix 5

Traditional PBX with Call Center features are too expensive and difficult to set up. With PRO edition you can easily have all necessary information for monitoring calls in real time.

  • Integrated Wallboard for monitoring
  • Call Detail
  • SLA and call statistics
  • Callback option


Call Queue Strategies and Statistics

Elastix 5 Call Center software ensures you provide high level of service to your customers and allows your agentes meet his goals and objectives. Included features allow you to know: average time, longer waiting time, shorter talk time, etc.

  • Logging agents inside and outside a queue
  • Round Robin Strategies, Hunt by Threes, Random and Prioritized
  • Call Back – Guaranteeing a call back without losing customers place in the queue

Tiempo Real

Advanced features

PRO edition provides all the tools to review agent performance at any time. Answered calls, dropped calls and more. Some other functions are:

  • Listen: allows you to listen an ongoing call without notifying caller or agent
  • Train agents during a call with Whisperer function
  • Barge: Supervisor can take full control of the call

Características Call Center
Updating to PRO edition unlocks powerful features that will make your business run more efficiently and improve your customer service. Have at your disposal, Call Center functions, advanced reports, CRM integration, High Availability ( Failover) and more.

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