5 Quick Tips about Elastix 5

5 Quick Tips About Elastix 5

In the last days we have received questions about what to do and the steps to adopt Elastix 5 within your company. That’s why we set ourselves the task of writing this article as 5 Quick Tips about Elastix 5 to do this in a very simple way.

These are listed below:

Get a Free Key of Elastix 5

Elastix 5 is a PBX based on Debian 8 and 3CX as a telephony engine. We have a perpetual licence that includes softphones for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac without cost, has built-in WebRTC-based video conferencing for 5 simultaneous participants and unlimited users.

To get a free licence that includes the above and unlocks up to 8 simultaneous calls with unlimited extensions you have to enter here and download the ISO here.

Migrating from Elastix 2.5/4 to Elastix 5

At the beginning of the year we created a step-by-step guide with screenshots, to make this process as easy and as painless for you as possible, which will take a backup of Elastix 2.5 or 4 and convert it to a file that can be restored in Elastix 5. The process should not take more than a few minutes and you can follow it in this link.

Understanding Elastix 5 Editions

Licences, regardless of their edition, vary depending on the number of simultaneous calls (internal and external) that your company needs. All licences support an unlimited number of extensions.

There are 4 types of editions, Free, Standard, Pro and Enterprise. The difference between free and standard edition is basically found in the number of supported SIP trunks and increase in general features such as the use of the g729 codec.

Pro Edition also enables the possibility of integration with CRM, Contact Center features, Failover, Bridges with remote offices and more. Enterprise edition carries all the great features of unified communications and management like the PRO, with an additional standby licence for use with a secondary (standby) machine. Providing redundancy scenarios along with built-in Failover included since PRO edition. Here you can see Edition Comparison page.

Training for Users and Administrators

Whether you are a user or the platform administrator, there are two types of free permanent training:

  • Webinars / Videos: Access the certification courses to get started with your training today! The courses consist of documents and a series of videos and online trainings. (both in Spanish and English)
  • Training events: We have regular on-location training events organized jointly with the wholesalers in the region, these help you to have an approach and hands-on with the experts.

Free Video Conferencing with WebRTC

Being integrated to Elastix 5 thanks to 3CX engine, improves employees’productivity and collaboration, and web-based functionality ensure incredible ease of use. Start using them from the device that you want Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. Share documents, PDF, have brainstorming meetings, business presentations or online training. Try it today!

We invite you to download Elastix 5 here, get a free license here and try by yourself the benefits and what’s new. We are also open to hear your comments and feedback.

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