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Elastix announces high availability module under $200 USD

The application will be available on May 26th

When announcing the Elastix market place in 2010, PaloSanto Solutions development team had a very clear objective: specific applications accessible to the end user.

The Elastix High Availability module is designed to make the necessary settings between two servers to establish high availability, simple and complete, and allowing to select what we want to replicate during operation.

“In a complete SIP scenario, availability is automatic, we don’t need to do manual modifications or extra settings to get the operation running again,” said Alberto Santos, coordinator of the Elastix Addons program. “The configuration is so simple that it is not necessary to go to the slave server, we just need to enter the master server, install the module, fill out a form and the configuration is done on both servers,” he added.

“This is a cost effective solution with a very low learning curve, but perfect for critical applications,” said Edgar Landivar, CEO of Elastix. “The High Availability module, is designed for demanding end customers but is perfect for the Elastix Integrator because it adds a very professional tool to his service catalog,” he concluded.

The module also allows a to add a virtual machine as the slave server, which is a benefit for companies with limited resources.

The product development team of Elastix is preparing a cluster server, which will have a free license of the module. Integrators, who are part of the Elastix resellers program, will also have discounts on the application at their respective levels.

The application will be released next May 26th with a competitive price of $199 USD, more accessible than similar solutions currently available on the market.

Stay tuned for the release of this Addon.

The Elastix Poject Team

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By |May 6th, 2015|Comments Off on Elastix announces high availability module under $200 USD

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