QueueMetrics Icon Agent Page and Elastix

New Integration of QueueMetrics “Icon Agent Page” and Elastix

Guayaquil, Ecuador (August 22, 2014) – Elastix, the largest open source software solution for unified communications in Latin America, is glad to announce that it has been integrated to Loway’s new QueueMetrics Icon Agent Page.

The QueueMetrics Icon agent page has been designed in order to provide call center professionals with the best usability combined with innovative design. Using Icon, agents can operate all the call-center functions with only one control icon.

Discover how to integrate Icon, the brand new QueueMetrics agent page with Elastix, by following Loway’s new step-by-step integration guide, which is now available online.

The integration with Elastix provides you with the ultimate tool to manage your call center data, daily agents workflow and overall call center business.
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About Loway
Loway Switzerland is a leading software development company providing professional solutions for contact centers based on the Asterisk® PBX technology. Their renowned QueueMetrics sets up modern standards in performance measurement, statistics and reporting for call centers based on the Asterisk®. Visit loway.ch for more information.

About Elastix
Elastix is appliance software that integrates the best tools available for Asterisk-based PBXs into a single, easy-to-use interface. It also adds its own set of utilities and allows for the creation of third party modules to make it the best software package available for open source telephony. These characteristics added to the strong reporting capabilities make it the best choice for implementing an Asterisk-based PBX. Visit www.elastix.org for more information.

About PaloSanto Solutions
PaloSanto Solutions is an Ecuadorian company dedicated to development and support of open source solutions. Since 2006, PaloSanto Solutions is the company behind the Elastix Project, an IP-PBX Distribution for Unified Communication Server Solutions. PaloSanto began its operations in 1999 and now distributes its services through Ecuador, an extensive reseller network in America and other countries around the world.