Elastix Guru

Elastix instructors and certified professionals will meet in ElastixWorld

One of the characteristics of ElastixWorld is that it is an event that annually renews its theme, content and structure. No event has had a similar format as the previous one, there is always some new activity or internal event that is related to the current moment of the project or the industry in general.

This time Elastix has decided to celebrate having over 1,600 certified professionals around the world by creating a special place for them in the event: Elastix Guru.

Elastix Guru is a space where members of the community, technicians who are making their way into the voice over IP world, end users and others, will be able to make their questions about everything they have ever wanted to know about Elastix, cases, technical issues, best practices, implementations, capacity, etc.

The Elastix Guru booth will be hosted by 6 Official Instructors of the program and all ECE Engineers and ECT Technicians who wish to join the initiative.

This space is co-sponsored by companies Freetech Solutions of Argentina, Neocenter of Mexico, and VoIP Garage of USA. IPTegra of Colombia, Toga of Mexico, Silcom of Peru and Simulnet of Venezuela will also collaborate.

If you plan to go to the event don’t forget to visit booth 18 and say hello to our instructors, Fabián Pignataro, Jonathan Fuentes, Julio Ramirez, Ludwig Ramirez, Luis Sanchez and Juan Oliva.

We’ll wait for you.

The ElastixWorld Team