Elastix 4.0 seeking a new face for its webUI

ElastixWorld Echoes

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated moments at ElastixWorld was the release of Elastix 4.0.

The project started in the previous edition when Edgar Landivar announced the plans of PaloSanto Solutions to initiate the upgrade of the OS in the Single Tenant version of Elastix going from CentOS 5 to CentOS 7. The announcement at that time also involved a new challenge for the Elastix community, the crowdfunding of a project!

The crowdfunding campaign sought to raise part of the funds to initiate the development work. The community spoke and the amount allocated for funding was obtained exceeding initial estimates.

Elastix 4.0 Beta was launched in May this year and it was planned to complete the development before ElastixWorld.

RC1 Release


A release candidate (RC1), was launched during Edgar Landivar’s talk at the closing of ElastixWorld 2015, aiming to complete within a month any minor correction and have a stable release before year’s end.

Although Elastix 4.0 RC1 version has the same webUI that has been used since version 2.2, the development team has been secretly working on a new interface. In recent days we got 3 images that were released in the presentation of the next site for ElastixWorld.


A new feature of the new webUI for Elastix 4.0 is the face of an administrator near the top edge. The Elastix team has thought that a member of the community should be immortalized in this new version instead of already known figures of the Elastix team.

How to participate?

Anyone who wants to participate in this initiative should send a professional photo to info@elastixworld.com

Elastix 4.0 will be released on November 6, 2015, with this we complete an important milestone of the project in which the community has been a great protagonist.

The Elastix Team