Call Center 2.2.0-6 – changelog

Call Center 2.2.0-6 (February 18 2014)
- CHANGED: Agent Console, Campaign Monitoring, Agent Monitoring: the Elastix 
  framework sends an error in a JSON response if a rawmode request is made with 
  an invalid/expired session. Check for this response and alert/redirect to 
  Elastix login page if received.
  SVN Rev[6483]
- FIXED: Hold Time: fix construction of SQL query from previous rewrite. Fixes
  Elastix bug #1858.
  SVN Rev[6480]
- CHANGED: Campaign Monitoring: update Ember.js to 1.3.2
- CHANGED: Campaign Monitoring: update Ember.js to 1.3.1, Handlebars to 1.2.1.
  SVN Rev[6453]
- FIXED: Agent List: small rewrite of repair action handling to unbreak previous
  commit. Now takes advantage of jQuery.
  SVN Rev[6397]
- CHANGED: Agent Console, Campaigns, Do not Call List, External URLs, Queues,
  Clients, Ingoing Campaigns, Agents, ECCP Users, Callback Extensions, Breaks,
  Form Designer, Form Preview, Reports Break, Calls Detail, Calls per hour, 
  Calls per Agent, Hold time, Login Logout, Ingoing Calls Success, Graphic Calls 
  per hour, Agent Information, Agents Monitoring, Trunks used per hour, 
  Incoming calls monitoring, Campaign monitoring, Configuration: For each module 
  listed here the english help file was renamed to en.hlp and a spanish help file 
  called es.hlp was ADDED.
  SVN Rev[6354]
- FIXED: Agent Console: fix corner case in which an incorrect JSON encoding in
  non-SSE mode of the logged-out event right at the start of status checking
  would lead to an endless loop of browser requests. Fixes Elastix bug #1759.
  SVN Rev[6312]
- CHANGED: Dialer (ECCP): add new optional parameter datetime_start to requests
  getcampaignstatus and getincomingqueuestatus to allow specifying the start
  date of calls belonging to the object. This is groundwork for rewriting the
  Incoming Calls Monitoring report using ECCP.
  SVN Rev[6278]
- FIXED: CallCenter: Fix multiple modules to define their own DSN instead of
  relying on the definition in Elastix core. Fix Elastix bug #1795.
  SVN Rev[6264]
- CHANGED: Form Preview: complete rewrite. Try to take advantage of the field
  generation of PaloSantoForm as much as possible. Remove dead xajax references.
  SVN Rev[6263]
- FIXED: Dialer: during an Asterisk restart, the startup time reported by
  CoreStatus may get stuck at year 1969 for a few seconds, and break the 
  detection of a restarted Asterisk instance. Fix by rejecting and retrying the
  call until a valid date is returned.
  SVN Rev[6262]