Elastix MT BETA1 – Release Notes

Elastix 3.0.0 includes the following outstanding improvements:

  • – Changes in Elastix Framework:
    * Added support for asterisk to use odbc to connect with mysql databases.
    * Changes have been made in libraries of Elastix for handling creation of general configurations.
    * The internal jQuery was updated to 1.8.3.
    * We improve readability on blackmin theme.
    * Some minor bug fixes for the Elastix Framework.
  • – Changes in Elastix Additionals
    * The version of repo it has been configured correctly.
  • – Changes in Elastix Firstboot:
    * Make an update of password in manager.conf more
    robust in the case it falls out of sync with elastix.conf file
    * The Cancel option that used to appear in the dialog_password was
    removed, because if someone pressed, it no allows to continue
    configuring passwords. Now only appears the Cancel option after
    the firstboot if its necesary to change the password already seted.
    * Some minor bug fixes for Elastix-Firstboot.
  • – Changes in Elastix Addons:
    * Correction for Postgresql repo in ARM architecture.
    * Some bug fixes for the Elastix Addons.
  • – Changes in Elastix Agenda:
    * Some bug fixes for the Elastix Agenda.
  • – Changes in Elastix Fax:
    * We made changes in lib paloSantoFax.class.php to add new functions used at the moment to delete a organization
    * Some bug fixes for Elastix-Fax
  • – Changes in Elastix PBX:
    * Add support and features to following phones: Elastix LXP200, Damall D3310,
    Grandstream model GXV280, Alcatel Temporis IP800, Yealink model SIP-T38G,
    Fanvil models C56/C56P C58/C58P and C60, Snom 821, Snom m9,
    * Conference module was deleted by new implementation.
    * Added new implementation, now support schedule and not schedule conference with realtime.
    * Now Module Ring_Group don’t permit to modified the ring_group number once
    time a ring_group has been created, this was made to avoid missing destination if the
    ring_group is been used as a destination inside the dialplan.
    * Was added support to create custom trunk in module trunk.
    * Was added support in module outbound_route to add
    time_group conditions in the settings at the moment to create or updated a
    route. In module trunk was fixed a issue that happened when updated a trunk,
    some parameters weren’t saved with incorrects values in astDB base.
    * In modules Extensions y Queues was added a restriction
    that limit the number of extensions and queues that a organization can
    create. This is based in the max numbers of extensions and queues setting at
    the moment to create such organization.
    * Was added to PBX module general_settings_admin. This module
    permit to superadmin set general configurations in the PBX. This
    configurations are related with SIP, IAX, Voicemail technologies.
    * Was fixed in module recordings some minor bugs.
    * Added strong validations in secrets.
    * Some bug fixes for Elastix-Pbx.
  • – Changes in Elastix Security:
    * We Change layout on New Rule form to be more compatible across browsers.
  • – Changes in Elastix System:
    * Was modified restrictions to the max numbers of users account that can exist by organization.
    * Fixed visual schemas in this module.
    * Fixed bugs in backupengine at the moment to restore files, mails, contacts.
    * Added validations to the backupengine, in case that doesn’t exist a file that pretend to backup.
    * Add options to active o inactive services when reboot system in Process Status Applet.

– Amongst others…

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