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Elastix MT ALPHA3 – Release Notes

Elastix 3.0.0 includes the following outstanding improvements:

  • – Changes in Elastix Framework:
    * Fixed redirection to repos of Elastix 3 in our mirrors.
    * Removed several opportunities for command injection in
    paloSantoOrganization, paloSantoAsterisk, paloSantoPBX.
    * Removed unneeded sudo chown from paloSantoConfig.
    * Reimplementation in classes paloSantoNavigation.
    * Improvements for future versions of uelastix in Elastix 3.
    * Improvements in time response about %50 in web interface.
    * Some Funcionalities have been moved to elastixutils.
    * Some minor bug fixes for the Elastix Framework.
  • – Changes in Elastix Addons:
    * Fix potential limited command injection on addon delete.
    * Some bug fixes for the Elastix Addons.
  • – Changes in Elastix Agenda:
    * Removed unnecessary and risky copy of uploaded file.
    * Fixed CallerId in calendar event and resize of calendar.
    * The instalation of Agenda its much cleaner.
  • – Changes in Elastix Email_Admin:
    * Port implementation from Elastix 2 into Elastix 3 to get a base implementation
    free from sudo chown. (Antispam, Remote SMTP, Email Relay).
    * Removed the use of sudo in code.
  • – Changes in Elastix Fax:
    * Removed several instances of command injection vulnerabilities in
    paloSantoFax and in privileged script. Use SQL parameters in privileged
    * Some bug fixes for Elastix-Fax.
  • – Changes in Elastix PBX:
    * Added Support for more products. (Voptech VI2006, VI2007, VI2008).
    * Rewrite the entire module Batch of Extension to get rid of multiple opportunities for SQL injection
    and code execution. Tighten up and centralize validations on CSV fields. Improve
    readability and make the code smaller.
    * Some fixes and improvements in the behavior of Voicemail.
    * Some bug fixes for Elastix-Pbx.
  • – Changes in Elastix Reports:
    * Removed unnecessary and risky copy of uploaded file, and removed unnecessary load
    of same file via file() which was left unused. (Billing Rates)
    * Fixes Elastix bug #1545, #567, #707, #1322, #1416.
    * Its no more necesary to resize the popups in certain windows of
    elastix environment.
  • – Changes in Elastix System:
    * Improvements in module BackUp/Restore.
    * Removed XSS bug through user-supplied orgname/username/address.
    * Some bug fixes for Elastix-System.

– Centos version was updated to 6.4
– Asterisk version was updated to 11.3.0-1
– Amongst others…

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