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Elastix MT ALPHA2 – Release Notes

Elastix 3.0.0 includes the following outstanding improvements:

  • – Changes in Elastix Framework:
    * The instalation of the Elastix system now its much cleaner.
    * Improvements in classes paloSantoASteriskConfig and paloSantoPBX
    * Added time_conditions y ring_groups to default destinations.
    * Some minor bug fixes for the Elastix Framework.
  • – Changes in Elastix Firstboot:
    * Added a graphical boot with Elastix Brand.
  • – Changes in Elastix Addons:
    * Some bug fixes for the Elastix Addons.
  • – Changes in Elastix Agenda:
    * Changes in daemon elastix-synchronizerd.
    * The instalation of Agenda its much cleaner.
  • – Changes in Elastix Fax:
    * Remove useless code that could potentially error out the module.
    * Rewrite fax notification scripts. This achieves the following:
    – Improved readability and documentation of the code.
    – Unification of notification for sent and received faxes as a single method.
    – Removal of unnecessary uses of external commands (grep, sqlite3).
    – Use of SQL parameters in database manipulation.
    – Removal of some cases where the invocation of an external command could fail
    silently and lead to a missing fax file.
    – Reduction of code size, even after including documentation.
    -Notification script now logs success/failure messages in preparation for GUI.
    * Some bug fixes for Elastix-Fax
  • – Changes in Elastix PBX:
    * Added Support for more products. (Escene 620, Fanvil C62).
    * Modified the way of displaying Reasons for Status in sec_weak_keys.
    * Change operation mode of module Text to Wav. Now the module will
    stream the output of text2wave directly without creating a downloadable file
    in a web directory. This removes one requirement for a web directory that is
    both readable and writable by the httpd user.
    * Added module time_group. This module permit create a list of time ranges
    that later could be used in module time_conditions to stablish actions
    based in that time_group.
    * Added a module ‘musiconhold’ to PBX. This modules permit create new
    musiconhold calls inside asterisk.
    * Added a new module, called ring_group to PBX. This module permit the
    creation of ring groups.
    * Modified database elxpbx.
    * Was finished the module outbound_route, now create the
    dialplan for the outbound_route.
    * Was add the functionality of Vmx Locator in module extensions.
    * Assigned a DID to call incoming from analog channels
    * Added functionality to detect incoming fax
    * Some bug fixes for Elastix-Pbx.
  • – Changes in Elastix Security:
    * The instalation of this module now its much cleaner.
    * Change of files owners for more security int he path web path.
    * Some bug fixes for Elastix-Security.
  • – Changes in Elastix System:
    * Creation of new privileged scripts (backupengine).
    * Creation of new helper scripts (ryum).
    * Allow optional quote before dhcp keyword.
    * Elastix 3 no longer ships /usr/sbin/amportal which is part of FreePBX.
    * Reimplementation of GUI backup and restore operations on top of backupengine.
    * Fix up Spanish translation
    * Some bug fixes for Elastix-System.

– Centos version was updated to 6.3
– Asterisk version was updated to 1.8.18
– Dadhi version was updated 2.6.1-4
– Amongst others…

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