Elastix MT ALPHA1 – Release Notes

Elastix 3.0.0 Alpha includes the following improvements:

– Elastix now adopts an multi-tenant architecture.

A new concept is introduced in order to manage multi-tenantcy called: Organization.
For this it was created a module with the same name that is the main base for the new structure.

– The instalation of elastix is now in graphical mode. The text mode still exists but has less features such as:
advance partitioning and network configuration. The text mode enables automatically if your system has less
than 656MB of RAM.

– Changes in Elastix Framework:
* The file _menu.tpl has changed for support multi-tenantcy.
* Was added sqlite database elastix.db. This is the new unificated database for elastix. This database replace to acl.db.
menu.db, settings.db, email.db and fax.db.
* Was added mysql database elx_pbx. This database contains pbx configuration and asterisk realtime tables.
* The elx_pbx database was rename by elxpbx.

– Changes in Elastix PBX:
* Elastix now manage itself the configuration, databases, dialplan, among others capabilities that after it were provided by FREEPBX.
FreePBX its no longer used.
* Was added a new module general_settings. This module permit edit parameters sip,iax,voicemail configuration by organization.

– Centos version was updated to 6.3
– Asterisk version was updated to 1.8.15
– Dadhi version was updated 2.6.1-4
– Amongst others…

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