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Elastix 4.0.0 Beta1 – Release Notes

- Changes in Elastix Framework:
	* A partial migration of tennant theme of Elastix MT has been made.
	* Smarty its now not provided by Elastix, instead its now provided 
	  by a CentOS Package, with all the bennefits that implies.
	* Libraries like phpmailer, gpgraph has been upgraded.
	* Magpierss's library its now deprecated instead Simplepie library its now used.
	* Script code simplification and improvements in many usefull Elastix's scripts.
	* Some code patching for compatibility with CentOS 7.
	* Some minor bug fixes for the Elastix Framework.

- Changes in Elastix Firstboot:
	* Creation and improvements in systemd services and scripts.
	* Some minor bug fixes for the Elastix Firstboot.

- Changes in Elastix Endpointconfig2:
	* Support for new Elastix models: LXP150, LXP250 and LXP180.
	* Integration with SimplePie and maintain compatibility with Magpierss.
	* Some minor bug fixes for the Elastix Endpointconfig2.

- Changes in Elastix PBX:
	* Implement migration of monitoring records from the audio.
	* Recognize recording prefixes changed from FreePBX 2.8.1 to FreePBX 2.11.
	* Update SQL conditions to filter recordings based on type.
	* Some minor bug fixes for the Elastix Pbx.

- FreePBX version was updated to 2.11.0-20
- Rhino version was updated to 0.99.6-5.b4
- Asterisk version was updated to 11.15.0-2
- Dadhi version was updated
- Amongst others...
By |January 8th, 2016|Comments Off on Elastix 4.0.0 Beta1 – Release Notes

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