Elastix 2.5.0 – Resease Notes

Elastix 2.5.0 Stable includes the following improvements:

- Changes in Elastix Framework:
	* Registration Process now needs an elastix cloud account.
	* Improvements in Blackmin Theme.
	* Some minor bug fixes for the Elastix Framework.

- Changes in Elastix Extras :
	* Vtiger its not an module of elastix core, now its an addon.
	* Some minor bug fixes for Elastix-Addons.

- Changes in Elastix PBX :
	* Fix some wrong db updates for new endpointconfig
	* Some minor bug fixes for Elastix-PBX.

- Changes in Elastix System :
	* Some adjustments have been made to linux files and privileged scripts.
	* Some minor bug fixes for Elastix-System.

- FreePBX version was updated to 2.11.0-17
- Rhino version was updated to 0.99.6-3.b4
- Asterisk version was updated to 11.13.0-0
- Dadhi version was updated
- Amongst others...

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