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Elastix 2.4.0 – Release Notes

Elastix 2.4.0 STABLE includes the following improvements:

- Changes in Elastix Framework:
	* The instalation of the Elastix system now its much cleaner.
	* The Migration to Privileged Scripts its completed. Now, there its no need to use commands 
	  such as /bin/touch, /bin/chmod, etc.
	* We improve readability on blackmin theme.
	* Fixed readout of FreePBX database password.
	* The internal jQuery was updated to 1.8.3 .
	* Some minor bug fixes for the Elastix Framework.

- Changes in Elastix Addons :
	* Correction for Postgresql repo in ARM architecture.
	* Some minor bug fixes for Elastix-Addons.

- Changes in Elastix Firstboot :
	* Make an update of password in manager.conf more
  	  robust in the case it falls out of sync with elastix.conf file
	* The Cancel option that used to appear in the dialog_password was
  	  removed, because if someone pressed, it no allows to continue 
	  configuring passwords. Now only appears the Cancel option after 
	  the firstboot if its necesary to change the password already seted.
	* Some minor bug fixes for Elastix-Firstboot.

- Changes in Elastix Email_Admin :
	* Change of files owners for more security in the web path.
	* Creation of new helper scripts (spamconfig,remotesmtp,mailman_config,relayconfig).
	* Was made changes in the module email_account in order to better 
	  interaction at moment to create a new email account.
	* Some minor bug fixes for Elastix-Email_Admin.

- Changes in Elastix Fax :
	* NEW MODULE Fax Queue.
	* Now errors are displayed when the fax job failed to submit and do not ignore them.
  	* Remove useless code that could potentially error out the module.
	* Implementation of fax job cancelation.

- Changes in Elastix PBX :
	* Add support and features to following phones: Elastix LXP200, Yealink model SIP-T38G, 
	  VP530 model, Alcatel Temporis IP800, Escene 620, Fanvil C62, Damall D3310 and 
	  Grandstream model GXV280.
	* Modified the way of displaying Reasons for Status in module weak keys.
	* In module Control Planel was made changes in function showChannels in order to fix 
	  bugs in wich the call made through a sip trunk have not been displayed in control panel.
	* Some minor bug fixes for Elastix-PBX.

- Changes in Elastix Security:
	* The instalation of this module now its much cleaner.
	* Change of files owners for more security int he path web path.
	* Some bug fixes for Elastix-Security.

- Changes in Elastix System :
	* Reimplementation of GUI backup and restore operations on top of backupengine.
	* Add options to active o inactive services when reboot system in Process Status Applet. 
	* Some minor bug fixes for Elastix-System.

- Centos version was updated to 5.9
- Kernel version was updated to 2.6.18-348.1.1 
- FreePBX version was updated to 2.8.1-16
- Rhino version was updated to 0.99.6-0.b2
- Asterisk version was updated to 1.8.20
- Dadhi version was updated 2.6.1-4
- Amongst others...
By |January 11th, 2016|Comments Off on Elastix 2.4.0 – Release Notes

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