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Elastix 1.6.2 – History

Elastix 1.6.2 (Stable - April 21 2011)

- CHANGED: Minor changes in design of Framework
- FIXED:   module userlist, security hole, user not belonging to administrator
           group could access the information of other users. Now the users
           outside the administrator group can only see their own information.
           SVN Rev[2548]
- ADDED:   module endpoint_configuration, vendor LG-ERICSSON and model IP8802A.
           SVN Rev[2539]
- ADDED:   database endpoint.db, vendor LG-ERICSSON and model IP8802A.
           SVN Rev[2538]
- FIXED:   wanpipe hardware detection, by adding /usr/sbin to path in
           hardware_detector. Otherwise the command /usr/sbin/wanrouter
           is not found.
           SVN Rev[2533]
- FIXED:   The apache startup script no longer adds /usr/sbin to the
           path available to PHP. This breaks the lsdahdi invocation for
           hardware detection. Fix by adding absolute path to lsdahdi.
           SVN Rev[2532]
- CHANGED: module endpoint_configuration, model names of Yealink phones.
           SVN Rev[2531]
- CHANGED: database endpoint.db, model names of Yealink phones.
           SVN Rev[2528]
- CHANGED: changed the height of the about us popup, it was not
           showing the bottom border when displayed in google chrome.
           SVN Rev[2522]
- ADDED:   database endpoint.db, vendor Yealink and models T20, T22, T26 and T28.
           SVN Rev[2521]
- CHANGED: module userlist, field Retype Webmail Password was removed.
           SVN Rev[2516]
- FIXED:   logout=yes problem in the url when a user logs out and then logs in.
           SVN Rev[2458]
- CHANGED: module group_permission, changed the methodology to search a resource.
           SVN Rev[2453]
- CHANGED: module summary_by_extension, column names.
           SVN Rev[2433]
- ADDED:   module repositories, javascript that puts the
           mark-checks to their default installation state.
           SVN Rev[2418]
- CHANGED: module userlist, Name field is no longer required when creating
           a new user.
           SVN Rev[2411]
- CHANGED: text in the Downloads section.
           SVN Rev[2408]
- ADDED:   module file_editor, button called "Reload Asterisk"
           that executes asterisk's command module reload.
           SVN Rev[2377]
- CHANGED: module endpoint_configuration, field "Status" to "Current Extension",
           also some language issues were corrected.
           SVN Rev[2374]
- FIXED:   Additionals elastix-menumerge, bugs caused by temporal smarty files.
           SVN Rev[2359]
- NEW:     Elastix framework, paloSantoDB.class.php. Support for
           posgreSQL database.
           SVN Rev[2351]
- CHANGED: module packages, the columns Installed and Options were
           merged into one column called Status.
           SVN Rev[2343]
- ADDED:   module antispam, added a new field to change the rewrite
           header in the file local.cf
           SVN Rev[2329]
- CHANGED: module antispam, the configuration files are now created only on the
           execution of the action activate spam filter. Also changed the error
           SVN Rev[2324]
- ADDED:   Module antispam, exec command service spamassassin start and stop for
           the activation or desactivation of the antispam service.
           SVN Rev[2318]
- ADDED:   module endpoint_configuration, Atcom model 620R.
           SVN Rev[2289]
- ADDED:   module endpoint_configuration, Grandstream model GXV3175.
           SVN Rev[2288]
- ADDED:   module currency, Russian Ruble.
           SVN Rev[2282]
- ADDED:   module currency, Great British Pound.
           SVN Rev[2264]
- CHANGED: paloSantoCDR, order now DESC in function listarCDRs.
           SVN Rev[2259]
- FIXED:   Problem that occurred if a new account is created using the same
           username from an account that had been previously deleted [#489].
           SVN Rev[2252]
- CHANGED: module time_config, added a jquery calendar in order to set the date.
           SVN Rev[2243]
- FIXED:   framework paloSantoGraphImage, error for outgoing and incomig calls
           that are 0 in the module summary_by_extension.
           SVN Rev[2235]
- FIXED:   Email: Email Account, password of email account could not
           be replaced using module email account.
           SVN Rev[2240]
- CHANGED: Framework index.php, better audit messages for login in web interface.
           SVN Rev[2211]
- FIXED:   PBX: Call record not found (no record) Bug #422.
           SVN Rev[2209]
- ADDED:   PBX: comments in extension macros for readability.
           SVN Rev[2209]
- FIXED:   Monitoring: Do NOT delete CDR from database when deleting
           audio file. Instead, update CDR to have audio:deleted as its audio
           file. Also update index.php to cope with this change.
           SVN Rev[2206]
- CHANGED: Monitoring: no complain if recording does not exist when deleting it.
           SVN Rev[2205]
- FIXED:   Monitoring: now users can reassure that recording has indeed been
           removed when displaying date ranges other than current day.
           SVN Rev[2204]
- CHANGED: Monitoring: synchronize code between Elastix 1.6 and Elastix 2.0.
           SVN Rev[2203]
- CHANGED: module endpoint_configuration, new parameters in phones GXV3140
           and GXP2120.
           SVN Rev[2496][2199]
- FIXED:   pbx/monitoring:  problem when deleting files, if one of then didn't
           exist the monitor folder was removed.
           SVN Rev[2195]
- FIXED:   Framework/Fax: commits 2088/2089 accidentally reverted
           commit 1697.
           SVN Rev[2192]
- CHANGED: module endpoint_configuration, added new values for the configuration
           of Grandstream phones and renamed the configuration files.
           SVN Rev[2191]
- ADDED:   database endpoint.db, four new Grandstream phone models.
           SVN Rev[2189]
- UPDATED: Framework grouplist and themes_system, clear code in paloSantoConfig.
           SVN Rev[2176]
- NEW:     file macros in elastix and deleted files
           extensions_override_freepbx_macro_record_enable.conf and
           extensions_override_freepbx_macro_hangupcall.conf, all content
           of these file are now in the file
           this is for better organization of the spec file.
           SVN Rev[2168]
- CHANGED: framework, validates that the user string can have a maximum of
           20 characters.
           SVN Rev[2166]
- CHANGED: module dhcp_server, /etc/dhcpd.conf now includes the real host-name.
           SVN Rev[2162]
- FIXED:   framework paloSantoACL, now the name field supports the apostrophe.
           SVN Rev[2148]
- CHANGE:  currency module, changed the symbol of the salvadorian Colón.
           SVN Rev[2144]
- NEW:     Framework elastix, logging of access to the web interface events.
           SVN Rev[2137]
- CHANGED: Spec file, faxes folder moved to /var/www/
- FIXED:   Faxes could be seen from /var/www/html/faxes
           SVN Rev[2126]
- NEW:     Framework elastix _list.tpl, added message in header of reports.
           SVN Rev[2122]
- CHANGED: PhpMailer lib, moved from /var/spool/hylafax/bin/include/ to
           SVN Rev[2105]
- CHANGED: function.php, phpmailer route now in /var/www/html/libs.
           SVN Rev[2104]
- DELETED: Additionals hylafax, phpmailer lib, now lib is in elastix framework.
           SVN Rev[2101]
- FIXED:   currency module, some languages labels did not exist. Bug 610
           SVN Rev[2098]
- FIXED:   framework: removed useless redundant download headers.
           Fixes issue of XLS export not downloadable if using IE8.
           SVN Rev[2097]
- FIXED:   Framework paloSantoForm.class.php, bad format definition of parameter
           ONCHANGE for type select field.
           SVN Rev[2096]
- CHANGED: Module endpoint configurator, to improve DTMF in Atcom phones they
           are configured to be sent using rfc2833.
           SVN Rev[2093]
- CHANGED: Module faxnew, Fixed Hard to see Bug  (H2C Bug), on
           paloSantoFax.class.php _deleteLinesFromInittab  MUST be called
           using $devId instead $idFax. Code Improvement, class
           paloSantoFax.class.php, a new function called  restartFax()
           was created. Bug [#607].
           SVN Rev[2089]
- FIXED:   Monitoring: context variable MEETME_RECORDINGFILE stores the name of
           the conference recording, if one exists, and should be assigned to
           SVN Rev[2063]
- FIXED:   module monitoring, wrong format of $url variable, $url is now array.
           SVN Rev[2047]
- NEW:     Additionals paloSantoCDR.class.php, New functions getParam and
           getNumCDR, this will help changes of grids to obtain the amount of
           SVN Rev[2046]
- ADDED:   framework: enhanced getTrunkGroupsDAHDI() to attempt to
           parse dahdi configuration files if Asterisk AMI is not available
           or does not support "dahdi show channels group N".
           SVN Rev[2038]
- CHANGED: Module monitoring, paloSantoGrid.class.php, commit 2024. Changed
           data to export only if the request is export so, the data (array)
           will return only the data from the database (no html elements).
           SVN Rev[2036]
- CHANGED: Graphic Report: make use of new functionality to implement
           expansion of trunk groups. Requires 2022 (getTrunkGroupsDAHDI()
           function), 2032 (rewrite of loadTrunks()) to work properly.
           Fixes Elastix bug #468.
           SVN Rev[2035]
- CHANGED: Graphic Report: rewrote the method used to query total
           duration/callcount by trunk:
            * Removes opportunities for SQL injection
            * Uses a single SELECT instead of two nested SELECTs,
               more efficient search
            * Removes unnecessary use of TO_DAYS function, enabling
               speedup by applying indexes on cdr.calldate
            * Adds capability to query for multiple trunks, required
               for trunk groups
            * Fixes potential bug in which statistics for DAHDI/1
               trunk would include DAHDI/10, DAHDI/11...
           Graphic Report: added rawmode=yes to all graphic URLs.
           SVN Rev[2032]
- FIXED:   framework: fix construction of SQL LIKE parameter to prevent a
           search for DAHDI/1 trunk from returning DAHDI/10-XXX too.
           SVN Rev[2030]
- FIXED:   Framework lib paloSantoGrid.class.php, exporting reports problems.
           SVN Rev[2023][2024][2039][2040][2041]
- ADDED:   framework: new function getTrunkGroupsDAHDI() to query Asterisk for
           its interpretation of which DAHDI trunk groups are available.
           SVN Rev[2022]
- FIXED:   framework: added capability to filter by extension when deleting CDRs.
           Otherwise a delete attempt by a non-admin user will delete CDRs
           belonging to other users (not only to him).
           SVN Rev[2020]
- FIXED:   framework: rewrote library for querying and removing Asterisk CDRs in
           MySQL. This rewrite achieves the following:
            * Simplify behavior of pattern search to a simple substring search,
               instead of trying to be smart with pattern string. Bug #532.
            * Use SQL query parameters to remove opportunities for SQL injection.
            * Add inline documentation for the methods
            * Add alternate (hopefully simpler and easier to use) interface
           SVN Rev[2018]
- CHANGED: massive search & replace of HTML encodings with the actual characters.
           SVN Rev[2003]
- FIXED:   Conference: detect Asterisk version on the fly to decide whether to
           use a pipe or a comma to separate arguments for an Asterisk
           application. Fixes Elastix bug #578, backport commit 1142 to fix
           missing language strings.
           SVN Rev[1998][1999]
- CHANGED: Address Book: stopped the direct assignment of template variable
           "url", removed nested <form> tags.
           SVN Rev[1997]
- CHANGED: framework: obey "menu" from $_POST and from $_GET for module selection
           SVN Rev[1996]
- CHANGED: Calendar: stopped the direct assignment of template variable
           "url", removed nested <form> tags.
           SVN Rev[1994]
- CHANGED: Backup/Restore: stopped the direct assignment of template variable
           "url", removed nested <form> tags.
           SVN Rev[1993]
- FIXED:   Voicemail: emit proper 404 HTTP header when denying access to a
           SVN Rev[1990]
- CHANGED: Voicemail: stopped the direct assignment of template variable
           "url", removed nested <form> tags.
           SVN Rev[1990]
- CHANGED: Repositories: stopped the direct assignment of template variable
           "url", removed nested <form> tags.
           SVN Rev[1986]
- FIXED:   Billing Report: added "menu" URL variable to list of variables for
           grid and stopped the direct assignment of template variable "url",
           removed nested <form> tags.
           SVN Rev[1985][1989]
- CHANGED: Endpoint Configurator: stopped the direct assignment of template
           variable "url", removed nested <form> tags.
           SVN Rev[1984]
- CHANGED: File Editor: complete rewrite. This rewrite achieves the following:
            * Add proper license header to module file
            * Improve readability of code by splitting file listing and file
               editing into separate procedures
            * Remove opportunities for XSS in file list navigation
               (ongoing fix for Elastix bug #572)
            * Remove opportunities for XSS in file content viewing
            * Remove possibility of arbitrary command execution due to
               nonvalidated exec()
            * Fix unintended inclusion of DOS line separators when saving files
            * Remove nested <form> tags as grid library already introduces them
            * Backport language changes from Elastix 2.0
           SVN Rev[1983]
- REMOVED: framework: images/pie_dist.php. Its only user (Destination
           Distribution) now generates the graphic internally in commit 1980.
           SVN Rev[1981]
- CHANGED: Destination Distribution: reworked functionality from
           images/pie_dist.php into main module. This integrates graphic
           generation into its only user, images/pie_dist.php is no longer needed
           SVN Rev[1980]
- CHANGED: Destination Distribution: separate querying code into its own
           function, in preparation for graphic rework.
           SVN Rev[1979]
- REMOVED: images/plot.php as nobody is using it and is an information
           exposure vulnerability. Modules sysinfo/dashboard already uses
           different methods for displaying CPU usage.
           SVN Rev[1978]
- REMOVED: images/pie.php as nobody is using it. Modules sysinfo/dashboard
           already use different methods for displaying disk usage.
           SVN Rev[1977]
- REMOVED: libs/palosantoGraph.class.php and libs/paloSantoGraphImage.php
           This mechanism of generating graphics is badly designed and opens a
           security bug. All users of these files have already been migrated to
           SVN Rev[1976]
- REMOVED: images/bar.php as it is broken and nobody is using it.
           SVN Rev[1975]
- CHANGED: Shutdown: removed link that cannot be accessed during shutdown/reboot.
           SVN Rev[1971]
- CHANGED: Channel Usage: switch to use of palosantoGraphImage.lib.php for graph
           generation. Requires commits 1964,1969 to work properly.
           SVN Rev[1970]
- CHANGED: Summary by Extension: remove reference to paloSantoGraph.class.php
           Now palosantoGraphImage.lib.php is used for graph generation.
           SVN Rev[1968]
- ADDED:   palosantoGraphImage.lib.php, a somewhat compatible replacement for
           the palosantoGraph/palosantoGraphImage method for generating graphics.
           SVR Rev[1964]
- FIXED:   Monitoring module, the audio file when recording queues was created
           but the information was not registered in the database.
           SVN Rev[2012]
- FIXED:   Additionals: unintentional kernel updates via yum. Bug #595
           SVN Rev[1991]
- FIXED:   html code "<b>.</b>" appeared in dhcp server.
           SVN Rev[1961]
- FIXED:   Date/Time: error messages are now shown properly. Part of fix for
           Elastix bug #584.
           SVN Rev[1960]
- FIXED:   Date/Time: use methods load_language_module and _tr from
           Elastix framework. Should make module more resistant to missing
           i18n strings. Part of fix for Elastix bug #584.
           SVN Rev[1958]
- FIXED:   $oForm->fetchForm in the function load_extension (extension batch) was
           never used.
           SVN Rev[1956] 

Elastix 1.6.2 (RC3 - November 15 2010)
- FIXED:   paloSantoForm: conditionally define internal functions,
           so that method fetchForm() may be called multiple times.
           SVN Rev[1952] 
- UPDATED: CentOS-Base.repo was updated. This change got to update rpm of redhat-
           logos, the solution was the line exclude=redhat-logos in repo file.
           SVN Rev[1950]
- CHANGED: Improve functions load_language() and load_language_module() so that
           they can cope with missing languages other than 'en', and with
           incomplete main/module translations. It is in misc.lib
           SVN Rev[1942]
- FIXED:   grouplist: return to main group listing if specified group ID for
           viewing/editing is invalid. Part of fix for Elastix bug #572.
           SVN Rev[1917]
- FIXED:   make module aware of url-as-array in paloSantoGrid.Part of fix for
           Elastix bug #572. Requires commits 1901 and 1902 to work properly.
           SVN Rev[1913] SVN Rev[1914] SVN Rev[1915] SVN Rev[1916] SVN Rev[1918]
- FIXED:   clean up the code for paloForm::fetchForm method. Removed many ways
           for XSS to escape form values with htmlentities(). Bug #572.
           SVN Rev[1911]
- FIXED:   when navigating from page to page of search results, the content of
           the search field was lost. Also the correct amount of search results
           was not being shown. Related to bug [# 564].
           SVN Rev[1904]
- FIXED:   framework: now URL variables can properly be escaped, URL strings can
           be built with construirURL(). Part of fix for Elastix bug #572.
           SVN Rev[1902]
- FIXED:   paloSantoACL: added definitions for string constants that were used
           without being defined.
           SVN Rev[1899]
- FIXED:   In Spec files /usr/share/elastix/migration_version_monitor.info and
           /usr/share/elastix/pre_elastix_version.info are created in the update
- CHANGED: In Spec File change [0-9a-zA-Z._-/]* by  usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2_07. It
           is a replace in /tftpboot/GS_CFG_GEN/bin/encode.sh
- FIXED:   security hole of XSS attacks in modules address_book and calendar.
           SVN Rev[1894]
- FIXED:   day night modes could not be edited in Elastix embedded FreePBX [#576]
           SVN Rev[1893]
- CHANGED: routine maintenance, changed the name of the file and removed that
           created folders that were not used.
           SVN Rev[1892]
- NEW:     Files for adding new macros in extensions_override_freepbx.
           SVN Rev[1889]
- FIXED:   users could not listen to the audios in monitoring [#563]
           SVN Rev[1875]
- ADDED:   new functions in misc.lib (generarDSNSistema and
           obtenerClaveConocidaMySQL). Used in  monitoring.
           SVN Rev[1871]
- NEW:     script to update packages. It is in
           /usr/share/elastix/migrationFilesMonitor.php in additionals to 1.6
           and 2.0. This file is for migrating the monitoring of audio files to
           the database asteriskcdrdb.
           SVN Rev[1862]
- UPDATED: Bulgarian language.
           SVN Rev[1856]
- ADDED:   New zoiper image for softphone menu.
           SVN Rev[1850]
- FIXED:   variable decimalTotal undefined in cdrReports. This variable
           show time in seconds > 3600 in format ( h m s ). Bug [#353].
           SVN Rev[1849]
- FIXED:   security bug in recording module in Agenda, where it was possible to
           execute commands through the text field of recording name. Bug [#553]
           SVN Rev[1836]
- FIXED:   security bug with audio.php and popup.php where an user
           could download system files without authentication. Bug [#552]
           SVN Rev[1829] SVN Rev[1833]
- CHANGED: copyright in all themes.
           SVN Rev[1828]
- ADDED:   new function to paloSantoGrid.class.php for knowing if there is a
           request for action to export to PDF, CSV o SPREADSHEET.
           SVN Rev[1824]
- CHANGED: new files in elastix.spec (generic-cloexec, close-on-exec.pl)
           SVN Rev[1809]
- FIXED:   bug about permissions in userlist module. Bug [#359]
           SVN Rev[1816]
- FIXED:   phone number of a conference participant was not shown when the
           participant is not a registered extension, but an incoming call from a
           trunk. Bug[#491]
           SVN Rev[1814]
- FIXED:   use generic-cloexec for network restart, as "service network
           restart" may start daemons of its own in DHCP mode.
           SVN Rev[1809]
- FIXED:   bug where user without permissions admin could change the info of
           other users in elastix web interface.
- NEW:     support to download reports in xls, pdf, csv.
           SVN Rev[1738]
- ADDED:   increase the verbosity and function of the TFTP server in Elastix.
           Bug [#526].
           SVN Rev[1775]
- FIXED:   bug where configuration files were moved to /tmp after setup. Bug #90.
           SVN Rev[1769]
- FIXED:   Valided text fields that contained blank spaces in extensions_batch.
           SVN Rev[1740]
- FIXED:   paloSantoTrunks: Do not reference $this outside of object context.
           Fixes Elastix Bug #488.
           SVN Rev[1760]
- CHANGED: reworked translation support so that it will work with untranslated
           English strings for new menu items.
           SVN Rev[1734]
- FIXED:   add several new menu items for FreePBX menus, now appear on the
           embedded interface. Should fix Elastix Bug #458.
           SVN Rev[1734]
- FIXED:   implemented paging correctly on discovered endpoint list. Should fix
           Elastix bug #411
           SVN Rev[1732]
- FIXED:   preserve list of discovered endpoints across page refreshes
           until next reload.
           SVN Rev[1732]
- CHANGED: enforce sorting by IP on list of discovered endpoints.
           SVN Rev[1732]
- FIXED:   do NOT recursively change owner of /tftpboot to root:root
           after a backup or restore.
           SVN Rev[1730]
- FIXED:   typo in network restart.
           SVN Rev[1706]
- FIXED:   workaround PHP bug (forget to close httpd file descriptors
           on PHP fork()) for the case of openfire, postfix, hylafax/iaxmodem
           restart. Requires SVN commit #1696.
           SVN Rev[1704] SVN Rev[1701] SVN Rev[1697]
- FIXED:   removed spurious references to /sg/bin/ directory from StickGate.
           SVN Rev[1702]
- ADDED:   procedure by which open file descriptors from web server are closed
           before starting a daemon.
           SVN Rev[1696]
- FIXED:   replace Zap with DAHDI in labels.
           SVN Rev[1674]
- FIXED:   Use "core show channels" instead of "show channels" to sample active
           channels for channel usage. Required by Asterisk 1.6.2.x.
           Should fix Elastix bug #429.
           SVN Rev[1668]
- FIXED:   Summary By extension module, improved query to obtain the data for
           reports, now use channel and dstchannel.
           SVN Rev[1640]
- FIXED:   clean up any stale group membership before assigning membership for
           new user. Part of fix for Elastix bug #515.
           SVN Rev[1759]
- FIXED:   changed logic in paloSantoNavigation.class.php for putting the
           javascripts(jquery) in menus as framed.
           SVN Rev[1695]
- CHANGED: improvements in field names, labels and modules for better clarity.
           SVN Rev[1640]
- FIXED:   when finding a file that already exists and needs to be overwritten
           but is not writable, attempt to unlink it first.
           SVN Rev[1731]
- FIXED:   remove images/graphReport.php and fold its functionality back into
           index.php for module. This brings graph details under ACL control.
           SVN Rev[1680] 
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