Unlimited access to Elastix training

Lifetime Access is a membership created by the Elastix training program to benefit professionals interested in the solution. Beneficiaries who acquire the membership will be enrolled permanently in the selected Elastix course, with complete access to updated material.

“This is a revolutionary proposal because the student makes a long-term investment in training with access to actual content”, said Paul Estrella, Training Director of Elastix. “If Elastix launches a new version or new content, the student will have the chance to enter the academic platform and review the available information”. He concluded.

The membership includes the following benefits:

  • Access to recorded videos of actual classes
  • Access to laboratories and complementary content
  • Permanent subscription to the course mailing list

The mailing list of each course is moderated by Elastix official instructors and students of each course.

  • We are working to add other courses to the program.

Check the events calendar to see the next course available.

The Elastix Team