Elastix SIP Firewall

Elastix SIP Firewall is a frontier device, designed to be placed alongside a VoIP IP PBX in order to add an additional security layer. It blocks specific IPs or countries, protecting your PBX against potential intruders trying to get in with usernames and passwords. It even prevents DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.
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Link2Call, the new feature of Elastix Business Edition

Elastix Business Edition is a solution designed to increase the end-user productivity and external customer service.

We are adding “Link2Call” to the existing functionalities of Webphone, Chat by SIP, Supercharged contacts and support for LDAP. Read more

Video calls arrive to Elastix Business Edition

Two months ago we released Elastix Business Edition, in this short time we have increased the functionality of this addon including Chat through SIP, LDAP support and Live Chat. In a webinar coordinated to release this application, Edgar Landivar, CEO of Elastix, announced his intention to include support for video in the following months. Read more

UniFi VoIP Phone from Ubiquiti Networks certified with Elastix

The new line of IP Phones is now part of the Elastix Certified Hardware

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador, September 28th, 2016 – Elastix, the largest open source software solution for unified communications in Latin America, today announced  the certification with Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. Read more

ElastixWorld Buenos Aires en vivo por Streaming

El evento se transmitirá nuevamente en vivo.

El comité organizador ha decidido abrir la señal del evento el 19 y 20 de Octubre. Read more




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Elastix celebrates its 10 years opening the ECE test for a week

It is known that the test for the ECE certification is linked to the official training course, the program hasn’t allowed so far to take the exam without taking the official ECE course.

However, FOR ONE OCCASION AND BECAUSE OF THE 10 YEARS OF ELASTIX, we will open the ECE test for six days at an attractive price, without taking the formal course. The date to take this online exam will be from Monday 15 to Saturday August 20. Read more

Elastix Business Edition announced

Next August 8th, we will release Elastix Business Edition, a solution that includes business productivity tools and integration with other systems.

Elastix Business Edition – EBE – will be packaged as an addon, available in the Elastix Marketplace and easy to install in any Elastix 4. Read more