Linux Essential Tools for Windows Techs

If you have spent your entire time working in the IT world on Windows machines, it may seem daunting to venture into the Linux world. You can prepare yourself, however, by setting up a kit of essential tools.
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New Basic Certification Training Videos

The training events, certification course and webinars have long been a hit with partners of 3CX and over the past year we’ve held more than ever before. As Elastix 5 is powered by 3CX and staying true to our commitment to helping partners better their business and boost their profits, we have recently restructured our certification program to now include an intermediate level.
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Your next small business phone system

Most of the world’s business is made up of small and medium-sized enterprises, that is, companies with fewer than 250 employees. Included in the SME denomination are the so-called micro-enterprises with less than 10 workers, small enterprises with less than 50 workers and medium-sized enterprises that can reach up to 150 employees.
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Call Center in Elastix 5

One of the basic pillars for excellent communication and customer service in your business is trough a good Contact Center.

The Unified Communications solutions in PRO edition of Elastix 5 includes a Call Center module that does almost everything. Callers are automatically identified and routed to the first available agent and linked to a customer record which pops-up on the screen and are logged as call records in the CRM package.

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Using Elastix as a PSTN Gateway

So you’ve decided to switch to Elastix 5 and take advantage of the new advanced Unified Communications features such as integrated softphones, smartphone clients for Android and iOS, integrated WebRTC web conferencing and more. BUT you don’t want to lose your PSTN Card Gateway in the mean time? Read more

What’s new in Elastix 5? Part 2

As part of the blog post series talking about new features in Elastix 5 Beta and the news concerning the change of telephony engine from Asterisk to 3CX, in this second post we will talk about:

  • Security
  • Management console (phone provisioning and firmware update)
  • Cloud

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5 Quick Tips About Elastix 5

In the last days we have received questions about what to do and the steps to adopt Elastix 5 within your company. That’s why we set ourselves the task of writing this article as 5 Quick Tips about Elastix 5 to do this in a very simple way.

These are listed below:
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What’s new in Elastix 5?

After the release of Elastix 5 beta and news about change of engine telephony from Asterisk to 3CX, we would like to introduce you new functionalities in Elastix 5 trough a blog post series.
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Edgar Landivar’s Perspective on Elastix – 3CX Changes

As you have probably heard, Elastix is now part of the 3CX family. Up until now, we have heard and read a lot of positive comments and others not-so positive. However, I felt it is important to provide our perspective on the matter.

PaloSanto Solutions, creator of Elastix, had been looking to shift strategic direction towards Cloud PBX and Call Center offerings for quite some time. Over the past few months, we have held discussions with several companies interested in continuing the Elastix on-premise offering while supporting our current partners at the same time. None of the major industry players who today criticize the Elastix/3CX deal, was interested in keeping the Elastix offering. Read more

Try out the new Elastix 2.5/4 to 5 converter tool

To ease migration to Elastix 5, we have developed an easy online elastix converter tool that will take a Elastix 2.5 or 4 backup and convert it to a file that can be restored on Elastix 5. Backup your old version of Elastix, upload it at, wait for the output and specify this file when installing Elastix 5. Read the step-by-step guide here.

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