What’s new in Elastix 5?

After the release of Elastix 5 beta and news about change of engine telephony from Asterisk to 3CX, we would like to introduce you new functionalities in Elastix 5 trough a blog post series.
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Edgar Landivar’s Perspective on Elastix – 3CX Changes

As you have probably heard, Elastix is now part of the 3CX family. Up until now, we have heard and read a lot of positive comments and others not-so positive. However, I felt it is important to provide our perspective on the matter.

PaloSanto Solutions, creator of Elastix, had been looking to shift strategic direction towards Cloud PBX and Call Center offerings for quite some time. Over the past few months, we have held discussions with several companies interested in continuing the Elastix on-premise offering while supporting our current partners at the same time. None of the major industry players who today criticize the Elastix/3CX deal, was interested in keeping the Elastix offering. Read more

Try out the new Elastix 2.5/4 to 5 converter tool

To ease migration to Elastix 5, we have developed an easy online elastix converter tool that will take a Elastix 2.5 or 4 backup and convert it to a file that can be restored on Elastix 5. Backup your old version of Elastix, upload it at https://converter.elastix.org, wait for the output and specify this file when installing Elastix 5. Read the step-by-step guide here.

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Migrating from Elastix 2.5/4 to Elastix 5 with the converter tool

With the recent release of Elastix 5, many users want to migrate from older versions of Elastix to the latest one. In order to make this process as easy and as painless for you as possible we’ve developed an Elastix 5 converter tool which allows you to easily switch from your old version of Elastix to Elastix 5. Read more

A Note to the Elastix Community

Following the news of Elastix 5, we would like to recap the feedback & questions we received in order to avoid miscommunication. We understand it’s a big change for many Elastix users – we are working to address as many concerns and issues as we can. We have a team on standby to answer any questions you may have, they can be reached at info@elastix.org. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:
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Elastix 5 – The Future of Elastix is Here

Elastix 5 has just been launched in beta and as mentioned in a previous post it is now powered by 3CX. The new version includes many improvements and new features that our community will surely benefit from: Read more

Elastix 5 Dials 3CX for its Telephony Engine

Exciting news for the Elastix community. We’re releasing a new version of Elastix powered by 3CX instead of Asterisk. 3CX is an open standards PBX and has built a strong following with frequent updates.

Elastix 5 will be bundled in a special free version of 3CX which includes 8 sim calls (approx. 25 extensions). Integrated into 3CX, free of charge are also smartphone and desktop clients as well as WebRTC-based video conferencing. Read more

Announcement re Elastix 4 & Elastix MT

We regret to inform you that Elastix 4 & Elastix MT have been temporarily removed from download, due to a legal disagreement with another open source distribution regarding the code included in Elastix 4 & MT. Read more

New Community Forum Software

We want to give the Elastix Community Forum a new push and what better way to start with brand new, modern forum software together with a new member program! We’ve moved our forum to Xenforo, which not only has a modern look but also boasts many new modern features. Read more

Elastix launches Unified Communications Server in Argentina

The appliance joins the wide range of existing products and services

Elastix, continuing the product development process that began in 2008, launches today a new appliance for the Argentine market. Read more