Elastix, Alta Disponibilidad en detalle

Taken from: Elastix Application Note #20140405:   These application notes are intended to be a guide to implement features or extend the features of the Elastix IP PBX system. Whilst many (but not all) guides available are basically a random collection of notes, usually while someone is implementing a feature for themselves, these guides are meant [...]

Sistema de paging de bajo costo con Anti-Feedback

Surely, many Elastix users have thought about enabling a paging system, but they don't want to invest in those expensive IP-based systems that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. What some people may not know is that they can use server soundcard for this purpose. When I first tested it with my simple system, I [...]

Integración de Elastix con Gtalk

Installing the GTalk support on Elastix is quite an easy task: There isn’t much to be done because the Asterisk’s version that comes from Elastix 2.2, already brings the support to talk with compiled GTalk. Instead, here I will explain how to configure it in order to receive calls on our Elastix using a GTalk account. [...]

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