Elastix Call Center Protocol – ECCP

The ECCP was a text protocol based on XML and specialized for call centers. The goal was to allow ‘client’ applications to use this protocol as the only protocol, avoiding the use of other technologies such as Web services or AMI (Asterisk®*  Manager Interface).

One of the advantages of this protocol was the performance, earlier distributions of the call centre community were based on a ‘polling’ concept that generated constant queries and a waste of resources of the Elastix server. The protocol used to support the communication of asynchronous events eliminating the need for polling and offering the possibility of a scalable solution.

The previous agent console, also developed by PaloSanto Solutions and included in the old “call centre” addon, continues being supported but it won’t be upgraded with new features. The objective was to have new and improved agent consoles, opening a wide range of possibilities for users.

Currently, our Call Center Software is included in the PRO and Enterprise Editions of Elastix 5 and is designed to enhance customer service as well as maximize agents’ productivity. Now you can integrate a wide range of popular CRM systems on the market, allowing you to keep a track of the progress and interactions with your customers. Wallboard, call reporting, statistics and more are just a click away.

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