Installing the Channel Khomp Driver

Elastix 2.0

1. Download the driver: “” (X corresponds to the version, Y to the revision, and Z to the system’s architecture)

The driver can be found in the “Downloads” section of the website . If you are required credentials (“e-mail” and “pass”), please ask for them directly to Khomp through any of their communications channels listed on . Once inside the “Downloads” section go to “Asterisk” –> “Channel_Khomp” –> “Versao atual” –> “Channel x.y.z” –> and download the appropriate driver depending on your Server’s/Appliance’s architecture (eg, in case you install the card on a 32-bit Intel-based system, select the file ending in “”). For the testings, “” was used.

2. Connect the card/board to the Elastix server

3. Copy the driver into any directory on the Elastix server

4. Unzip the package:

# gunzip

5. Run installation script:

# bash

6. Follow the on-screen wizard

7. Restart amportal:

# amportal restart

Elastix 2.2 (Elastix 2.2+ for KGSM-USB SPX)

1. Connect the card/board to the Elastix server

2. yum install kernel-module-khomp

3. service asterisk stop

4. /etc/rc.d/init.d/khompdrv

5. service kserver start

6. service asterisk start

NOTE: If at any time you want to remove or stop using a Khomp card, be sure to first edit the file: /etc/asterisk/modules.conf by adding the line: “noload =>” in its [modules] , otherwise the asterisk process will not be able to start properly.

Elastix 2.3+ (except for KGSM-USB SPX)

Click here to download the Installation Guide for Channel Khomp Addon.