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Elastix IRC channels

Elastix uses the following IRC channels as a common place to meet the community, share experiences or just chat about any related topic. You can always ask technical questions here but no one is obligated to reply. Please, be nice and always use a friendly language.


Channel Name Description Server
#elastix Main IRC channel for general questions.
#elastix-es Elastix channel in Spanish
#elastix-dev IRC channel for develpment


To connect with the IRC channels you will need an IRC client program. To get a list of some useful programs (some of them are free) you can visit the following link at Wikipedia:


A common choice if you use MS Windows is MIRC. If you use Linux you can use Pidgin.


In case you cannot use any program mentioned above, we have a Web based application (but limited in functionality) that you can use to connect to our Main IRC Channel (#elastix).


You can access the IRC Web application here:


Please, don't forget to change the Nickname to a proper one before logging.

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