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In recent days, the 4th IEEE Latin American Conference on Communications (IEEE LATINCOM 2012) was held at Cuenca, Ecuador. This event featured the presentation of keynote speeches and discussion panels that were focused in a myriad of topics.

Elastix as one of the sponsors of this event, invited José Luis Millán from Spain, who developed a very high-level tutorial called "Closing the gap between SIP and WWW". The participants witnessed the real-time communication via a browser (WebRTC), with the use of an applicative interface written in javascript, hand in hand with one of the creators of JsSIP, which provides an API that allows you to develop a SIP client.

If you couldn't attend the event, you can review the presentation here, we invite you to learn more about the advantages offered by jsSIP and OverSIP.

Stay tuned to everything related to JsSIP and its evolution, there is the chance that in the next version of Elastix 3.0 it is included in some module.



The Elastix Project Team

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