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We could not get past the 20th anniversary of this great operating system. Thanks to its creation and distribution worldwide, today a lot of people can have a countless number of stable applications that service multiple kinds of users.

It has been 20 years of development, which today allows to have the advantage of having a free operating system.

Linux is being used today in different areas such as banking, finance, education, business, communication, among others.


Among the great advantages of having an open source system are the possibility of having a platform that serves to generate thousands of new developments and thousands of proposals compared with paid software where users do not have any chance to personalize or integrate new components. In addition we can count with the participation of thousands of developers with collaborative spirit.

As we all know Elastix is an Open Source distribution for IP Telephony and Unified Communications that has been implemented on CentOS, this allows anyone to have a top communication tool completely free for their businesses or for particular use.

Congratulations to all developers who work every day to improve the distribution, and greetings to all integrators that have implemented a Linux based distribution.

The Elastix Project Team

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