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Elastix is developed and managed by PaloSanto Solutions an Ecuadorian Based Company.


PaloSanto Solutions is a leader in open source innovation and new technology in Latin America. Our experience in the development and implementation of open source technologies makes us the preferred technology provider to more than 1000 companies. Our team of accomplished professionals with the highest certifications in the industry is always ready to serve your company in the best way possible.


The first edition of ElastixWorld was held in Quito Ecuador in 2010.

The event was organized with a different approach to conventional technology events, existing at that moment. It's main objective is to discuss about IP telephony, VoIP and unified communications, bringing the best of both worlds.

This is an open source initiative that has expanded to other levels, incroporating proprietary solutions to the idea.

ElastixWorld returns to Mexico time for the second time.


Part of the Elastix Team at ITExpo 2013, after getting Best of Show as Best on Open Source Solution


Made in Ecuador

in-LAN Magazine: Made in Ecuador - Abril 2009


Two Ecuadorians have developed one of the most popular free software downloads in the world, creating a successful company, Palo Santo Solutions.


When brothers Édgar and José Luis Landívar (age 34 and 32, respectively) decided to leave their jobs at tech giant Hewlett Packard to return to their native Ecuador in 1998, some might have called them crazy. A decade later, however, they’ve proven that saying goodbye to Silicon Valley and coming home was far from unwise. Read More...


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