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ELX025 ELX5000

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Enterprise telephony must integrate stable multi-function software and reliable hardware to guarantee the required call traffic with the highest quality of service (QOS). Elastix® understands that VoIP business requires quality hardware with great capacity and most importantly, support. We understand your business and want to help you develop the best possible solution for your clients and/or your company.

Elastix® appliances in the ELX Series offers the same Elastix® software with the full functionality and the reliability that you have gotten accustomed to, with great telephony hardware from major IP telephony producers. It certainly is the best choice available in the market for SMBs.

General Features

Compact design

Our appliances have a simple and compact design perfect for portability and ease of maintenance. With metallic cases in 1U, 1.5U and 2U formats, our appliances have enough expansion capacity for a wide range of applications using PCI ports or USB ports to support ElastibankTM Channel Banks. All of our appliances are rack mountable allowing a quick integration to your network infrastructure.

Low power consumption

The design of our appliances allows them to consume the minimum possible power under normal conditions. This helps us save energy and lowers the cost of operation. We have done this, among other things to help contribute with the conservation of the environment.

Digital and Analog integration

The Elastix® Appliances ELX Series can integrate analog or digital cards (FXO/FXS, E1/T1) according to your needs. We are ready and glad to give you advice before ordering an implementation in order to make sure you exploit the appliance’s functionality to the limit. All hardware comes installed, configured and tested from our warehouse.

Comparison chart

Description ELX025 ELX5000
Analog Ports Up to 12 Up to 72
Digital Ports Up to 1 E1/T1/J1 Up to 8 E1/T1/J1
PCI Expansion Slots 1 PCI 5: 1 PCI, 4 PCIe
Extensions (SIP/IAX) Up to 100* Up to 600*
Concurrent Calls (max recommended) Up to 50* Up to 250*

* Represents a safe estimate on a basic scenario. Visit for more details.


Take a look at technical details here. The Quick Start Guide for each model can be downloaded here






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