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    I work for a small MSP, and we are helping a site that has been neglected for a long time.

    This site, has been troublesome to say the least, great people, but just one of those sites that rely on internal employees that think they know, when in reality it makes us general IT guys shake their head.

    Now, total transparency, I know NOTHING of Elastix...

    The version they are running is Elastix 2.4

    • We replaced their router, they were concerned with security so we got them a SonicWALL TZ300, which is working fine.
    • I forwarded the following ports to their Elastix Box - 5060 UDP, 5061 TCP, UDP Range 10000 - 20000, Enabled consistent NAT
    • We also got them a higher bandwidth option by beaming them internet from a remote site, so they now enjoy 70 Mpbs down / 20 Mbps up (they were on 5/5), they are DMZ'd on the AP side of the wireless Bridge
    • We also got rid of a /24 network (they didn't need it, they have less than 25 computers) so everything is on a single network ( /24).
    • Problem is, No calls incoming, no calls outgoing. We have rebooted the phones, and we have rebooted the elastix box.

    Is there anything I am missing here? I can use any and all the help i can get.

    Appreciate it.

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