Elastix 2.5 with 2x HT503 Trunks

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    I have a single ISDN line with two voice channels by my provider. The connection is broadband so the two channels arrive at my premise through the router.
    In addition, connected to the router I have the two trunks, HT503 which are then connected to the building's switch.
    I also have an in-premise Elastix 2.5 server connected to the network.
    In the Elastix, I have setup two SIP Trunks and one Inbound Line.
    The whole system works properly, with exception that when there is an incoming call, it appears at the Operator Panel, to be arriving to both Trunks and instead of ringing the first selected Ring Group only, it rings the first and the second silmutaneously. The second one rings only for few seconds. When it stops ringing, the one SIP Trunk gets free and the call continues normally.
    The desired route of an incoming call is:
    - Ring Group 1 (if no answer)->Ring Group 2 (if no answer)->Ring Group 3 (if no answer)-> Terminate Call
    Furthermore, in the settings of the SIP Trunks of Elastix I've checked the option "Continue if busy", otherwise I couldn't make two silmutaneous outgoing calls.

    Does anyone have an idea how to fix this problem?
    I'm kinda new with the process so I might have done something wrong from the side of the HT503's or the Elastix.

    I hope I've given sufficient info, if no, please ask me.

    Thanks in advance ;)

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