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  1. Ali Sanaullah
    Ali Sanaullah Rajendra Gupta
    hello bro,

    i am facing this issue on agent login:

    Cannot start agent login - (internal) getagentstatus: Internal server error - worker crash while handling request.

    Can u help?
  2. ahatoom_vip8
    ahatoom_vip8 danardf
    Hello, i want to use the endpoint configuration tools on elastix to configure our phone called Xontel, can you do this ?
    1. ahatoom_vip8
      this IP phones has mac address series and i can support you with the firmware also, if you can do this for us so we can do good business
      please add me on skype for more information: ahatoom_vip8
      Jan 17, 2017 at 9:29 PM
    exw provlima me ton elastix mporeis na voithiseis?
  4. nektariosko
    nektariosko KIPOURIDIS ALEX
    ti exeis pathei ?
  5. JarRassoul
    can you help me to configure Elastix Call-Center Addon please ?
  6. JarRassoul
    hello everyone
  7. slopera0
    slopera0 jcastellanos
    hola hay forma de como cambiar la ip fija del server elastix 4.0 para poder acceder desde otra ip, porque la que tiene dice que no puede ser accesada y por cmd el ping funciona sostenido desde el servidor conectando una pantalla y un teclado la clave no deja entrar realizar un backup por el putty?, intente cambiar la clave del root y saca un error authentication token manipulation error ya hice el -rw y nada
  8. slopera0
    slopera0 jgutierrez
    hola, tengo un problema con el elastix 4.0 porque no me ingresa a la ip fija que tiene el server pero por putty puedo ingresar, intente cambiar la clave del root y del usuario web pero aun asi no puedo ingresar, hay forma de realizar un backup por el putty para resetear el server y luego hacer el restore
  9. slopera0
    slopera0 danardf
    hello i need help to macke a backup for my elastix 4.0 via putty because the web interface its not workin and the ip that the server got says that the connection rejected and i dont know what happen
  10. slopera0
    slopera0 orlando_py31
    hola me ayudas, no puedo entrar a la intefaz web y no tengo los discos llenos como puedo hacer un backup por el putty?

  11. slopera0
    slopera0 sebastianjimenez90
    hola eres de colombia, puedes ayudarme como hago un backup de un elastix 4 porque no me deja entrar a la interfaz web pero si me logueo con putty como root entra normal.
  12. Elsabio100
    Elsabio100 danardf
    Bonjour @ tous
    juste pour savoir est ce que ce possible d'appeler avec spark sous elastix si oui quelle est la procédure idéale pour le faire merci d'avance.
  13. sbconnect2me
    sbconnect2me AJP
    Dear sir/madam

    Due to personal reasons i miss the date to download the free licence key for one year Is is posible to sent me another licence key ?

    With Regards

    Elastix forum user sbconnect2me
    1. AJP
      Hi Merry Christmas!

      Unfortunately that was a promotion until December 23th.

      You can write to us at and discuss about your projects to help you with a prompt solution.

      Best regards!
      Dec 26, 2016
  14. inedit
    inedit danardf
    Bonjour Mr Danardf, je compte mettre en place trois serveur elastix dans les sites distant. je veux savoir les paramètres a configurer pour étabir cette liaison en marche.
    1. danardf
      Tu peux poster ta demande sur le forum.
      Même si ce sont 3 serveurs Elastix 2.5!
      Sinon, je te conseille le module Distributed Dial Plan ces anciennes version.
      Dec 27, 2016
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  15. danardf
    danardf EdgarLAN
    Sorry for the multiple post, the forum doesn't accept more than 420 characters..
    Limited by 3CX yet, i guess
  16. danardf
    danardf EdgarLAN
    Now, just try to make another community because we are orphan.

  17. danardf
    danardf EdgarLAN
    However, i'll try to learn 3CX, just to know what's the difference but my heart and my mind will be for Elastix for ever.

    I hope you will regret your decision one day.
  18. danardf
    danardf EdgarLAN
    However, IT'TEK (my futur old job) was ready to buy Elastix and keep its mind. With Asterisk....etc

    For your information, some people start a new project around a fork. (logic way).
  19. danardf
    danardf EdgarLAN
    Today ... no way to do one. And RoomX .... it's done... end of work!
    Congrat Edgar. I hope that you sleeping well and you can looking you in a mirror. :(
  20. danardf
    danardf EdgarLAN
    By the way, you have to think at the company which work arround Elastix (like IT'TEK) and makes some Elastix Addons.
    For your information, at the end of this years (for my birthday) I would be unemployed. I counted on this oportunity for creating a job at home making some Elastix addon.